Will there be beds for me and all who seek?
Yea, beds for all who come.

There is a variety of accommodation available for visitors. There are hotels at Bettyhill and Melvich; camping at Bettyhill and Halladale; and a good quantity of B&Bs and guest houses. There are also caravans and cottages to let. Particularly recommended are

Farr Bay Inn, Bettyhill

Farr Bay Inn, Bettyhill, by Thurso Kw14 7SZ tel. 01641 521230

Detta Velvis, Armadale House

Bed and Breakfast, Detta Velvis, Armadale House, Armadale by Thurso KW14 7SA  tel. 01641 541049

Self-catering caravan

Self-catering caravan Mrs Mackay, ‘Poulouriscaig’, 169 West End, Armadale, by Thurso KW14 7SA tel.01641 541269