Walk to Strathy Point

Return Distance of 9.4 Miles, Total Ascent 1762ft

Oh! dream of joy ! Is this indeed
The lighthouse top I see?
Is this the hill? is this the kirk?
Is this my own countree?

OS Grid Reference: NC 827 685

Strathy Point

Drive down the Strathy Point road and leave your car in the car park near the gate at Totegan (picture above). As the information board says, Strathy Point is now known as Cetacean Central because of the many sightings of whales, dolphins, porpoises etc. Cross the cattle grid and walk along the lighthouse road to its end. The lighthouse building is closed but it is possible to walk round about it and see all the stacks, arches and skerries of rocks. You can climb, with care, on the rocks a good way out to the end of the Point. From anywhere beyond the lighthouse you can see as far as Cape Wrath in the west and Dunnet Head in the east i.e. from one side of Scotland to the other. If you go at twilight you will see light from the light- houses in those two locations. The Orkney Islands are also clearly visible, looking like a school of orcas as their name, given to them by the Romans, implies. Strathy Point is a good place to see sea birds; stormy petrels land there on certain nights of the year. It is also good for spotting passing ships and sea mammals of all kinds. There are many species of flowers there including primula scotia. If you want to explore further, return to the steps of the lighthouse buildings, go to the left of the garages and follow the coast round to see arches and geos and group of islands including Boursa. You can also go on to climb Ben Allt Muilhinn which is marked with a trig point. This will afford you further stunning views. Turn eastwards to re-join your car at Totegan.